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Our staff consists of 4 radio connectors and 2 programmers. Our radio connectors stay in touch with radio stations worldwide. Our 2 programmers are responsible for the maintenance and development of the iPluggers system & website.

Founder & Head of A&R: Marvin Kuijs

He did freelance A&R work for several record companies and worked as a plugger / radio promotor for over 6 years. He is owner of Free Music Publishing and RTVmusic. Marvin is also a guest speaker at universities of Entertainment and Management.

Founder & Head of Development: Cherine Blankevoort

She worked as director of an international institute for education. She's owner of Blankevoort Consultancy and active as concept creator, designer and developer.

Head of Legal Affairs: Frank Alserda

Studied law at the Hanzeschool in Groningen, The Netherlands. During his education, he worked in a law office for years. He co-founded online media company Medea Media.

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