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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is your question not listed here? Contact us via support [at] iPluggers.com.

Accounts for radio stations
  1. How do radio stations receive the newest releases?
  2. Radio stations are updated on the newest release by our iPlugging service. This is a custom service based on each music directors preferences and playlist genres. We do not send complete airplay kits: we include links to an artist profile where all relevant information can be found and tracks can be listened to and downloaded.

  3. What does a plugging look like?
  4. A preview of a plugging can be found here.

  5. In which format do you provide tracks?
  6. Tracks can be downloaded individually as a 320 kbps mp3. Each track has id3v2.4 tags embedded. Optionally, an additional label copy of the complete release can be downloaded (.zip file including the release cover and an excel file with all track details).

  7. Can a radio station (music director, head of music, programming department) receive iPlugging of releases from all genres?
  8. Yes, this is possible. Each music director can change their individual iPlugging settings to receive alle genres after their account has been activated.

  9. What do you do besides genre based plugging to music directors?
  10. Next to the plugging, every release is available in its genre archive and is indexed using genres so music directors can find it using our search module.
    Each release will also be available on the NEW RELEASES page (first page after music directors login) for 4 weeks (after these 4 weeks a release will remain available in the archives and search module).

    With this set up, (new) radio stations can always browse airplay kits and download releases of interest

  11. Sometimes I can request an interview and sometimes not. Why is that?
  12. This is a feature an artist or label has to activate. If they have activated this, you can request an interview once you download their track or release. If they haven't activated 'interview requests' this option will not show up on the airplay feedback form. You can always leave airplay feedback though!

  13. How do you guarantee the quality of the releases?
  14. All releases, except releases from major labels, are screened by our A&R department. Our mission is to maintain a platform where high-quality releases can be promoted efficiently. Therefore our screening procedure is very strict.

Accounts for artists, labels and major labels
  1. Can an independent artist use iPluggers to promote their release at radio stations worldwide?
  2. Yes, this is possible if our A&R department approves the release.

  3. Can everybody iPlugg their music?
  4. No, before an artist or label can use our iPlugging service our A&R department has to approve the release. However, major labels do not need A&R approval.

  5. What's the difference between a label and a major label account?
  6. Labels pay per release and their releases need to be approved by our A&R department. Major labels can plug more than 10 releases per year and do not need A&R approval.

  7. Is it just one day that you plug a release?
  8. This depends. Music directors etc. have indicated in which frequency they want to receive new plugging.
    There are 3 basic settings:
    - immediately (on the plugging day itself)
    - once every week (+ day setting)
    - once every 2 weeks (+ day setting)

    Each music director will receive their plugging on the desired date.
    For example: if an artist plugs on a wednesday, and a music director wants to receive plugging every Tuesday, this release will be offered to that music director next Tuesday.

  9. Is it possible to plug a release in all genres?
  10. No, a release can be plugged in up to 3 genres.

  11. Do you plug compilation CDs with tracks from different artists?
  12. No, this is not possible.
    Online press kits / profiles are set up for individual artists or bands. Linking a release to a "various artists" profile / online airplay kit would results in "messy", unorganized and unprofessional looking information.

  13. How many stations will play a release?
  14. It is difficult to say how many listeners each release will reach, this highly depends on which stations will airplay a release. We plug genre based, but whether stations will airplay a release, is totally up to them of course.

    It's impossible to give out statistics on this as there are too many factors involved.

  15. How are artists and labels updated on which radio stations have downloaded their release for airplay?
  16. All results are logged realtime and can be viewed after login into an artist or label account. Click on Results and here you'll see an overview of each track and the number of downloads. Additionally, a detailed xls file can be download which gives insight in which radio station from which country has downloaded a track for airplay.

  17. Will I get feedback from all radio stations?
  18. Music Programmers, DJs etc. decide if they want to give feedback yes or no when they download your release. You always will see the download results!

  19. How many interviews will I get?
  20. If you activate the 'interview request' feature, you can receive interview requests from radio stations. Music Programmers, DJs etc. decide if they want to do an interview with you yes or no when they download your release.

  21. Could you give us a list of the radio stations that work with iPluggers?
  22. We do not give out lists of radio stations we plug to as this our core business. When a radio station downloads a track, you can see which radio station in which country has downloaded it for airplay. This is logged real-time.

  23. Do you also promote music videos to TV Channels such as MTV, VH1 and other TV music channels?
  24. We only plug to radio stations. TV stations want to receive new content in special formats like Betacam SP or digibeta. That's the reason we do not additionally deliver videos to TV channels.

    TIP: embed a Youtube video in the iPluggers artist profile and use an artist profile as online press kit.

    The iPluggers system has an invitation module embedded to invite connections from each artists / label own network. Invite for example MTV, VH1 and other TV music channels.
    If they like the release and video, they will contact the artist or label to obtain the video in the required format.

  25. Can everybody listen to a release?
  26. Only music directors that are logged in can listen to all releases, with the exception of profiles that receive additional exposure via single / EP / album tips and music spotlight spots.

  27. Do you accept upload of .wav files?
  28. No, we only accept 320 kbps mp3 files. Please note a 320 kbps mp3 file is the same quality as a .wav file.

  29. Is there a limit on the mp3 file size?
  30. There is no limit on the file size, but if a release has individual files larger than 10MB please contact our support desk via support[a]ipluggers.com (some browsers have problems streaming ("playing") these large files).

  31. Is the upload connection secure?
  32. Our upload system is 100% secure and protected.

  33. How does an artist or label pay for iPlugging?
  34. You can pay with credit card or via bank transfer using paypal. Optionally, you can also pay via regular bank transfer.

  35. Can European (EU) artists and companies be exempt from the 21% VAT?
  36. Exempt from the 21% VAT is only possible if we invoice a company.
    Please sent us the company details, Chamber of Commerce number registration and VAT registration number via e-mail: support[a]ipluggers.com. Before plugging, you'll receive an adjusted invoice without 21% VAT.

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