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Account type:ArtistLabelMajor label
Plugging costs *
Single: up to 2 tracks **
EP: up to 8 tracks
Album: up to 15 tracks
Single: € 250
EP: € 375
Album: € 500
Single: € 250
EP: € 375
Album: € 500
Fixed price per year
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Profile features      
Label profile No Yes Yes
Artist profile 1 Unlimited Unlimited
- add photos Yes Yes Yes
- add discography Yes Yes Yes
- add videos Yes Yes Yes
- add articles Yes Yes Yes
Release features      
Number of releases Pay per release Pay per release Fixed number per year
Set territory restrictions Yes Yes Yes
Auto-approval No No Yes
Choose iPlugging date Yes Yes Yes
Extra invites Yes Yes Yes
Results Yes Yes Yes

* Please note that all costs are excl. 21% VAT. Contact us via support [a] ipluggers.com to verify possible tax exemption.

** A single can contain max. 2 related tracks: the original single and a remix, instrumental or otherwise to the original single related track.

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